KMP healthcare Staffing

At KMP Staffing we have an experienced Healthcare consulting team looking to help increase revenue and efficiency in your facility. Please email us at or give us a call at 866-554-1114 and we will set up your free consultation.


"KMP Staffing Consulting service was very professional . They tailored their service to our needs. They provided us with a clear and concise evaluation of our clinic and many new avenues for us to improve our office". Dr. Sandra Phillips, Intermountain Pediatric Clinic



  • • What is really going on in your clinic?
  • • What is your financial stability?
  • • How can I increase my income?
  • • How can I reduce my expenses?
  • 1. Revenue Cycle Analysis: Includes Billing, Coding, Fee Schedules, Co Pays, Rejections, Charge Lag, Charge Capture, Payor Mix
  • 2. Financial Analysis of Practice: Includes Income Statement, Balance, Cash Flow, Trends, Overhead, Purchasing (Equipment/IT)
  • 3. Materials Management/Supplies: Includes Supply Expense Trending, etc
  • 4. Marketing: Analysis of Market Share, Location, Website, etc
  • 5. Financial/ Operational Reporting: Monthly data to help make financial decisions
  • 6. Operations: Staffing, Payroll/Compensation, Benefits, Work Processes.
  • 7. Contracts: Analyze business contracts (Accountant, Billing, Facility)
  • 8. Strategic Planning/Pro Forma Projections: Project revenues based on goals and Practice Assessment